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Deidre Hall

Deidre has been America’s most beloved heroine for over 35 years on NBC-TV’s number one daytime program, “Days of our Lives.” Hall created the role of Dr. Marlena Evans in 1976, a character whose popularity has created a furor and a fan following seldom seen in television. The favorable regard in which Hall is held has spanned all demographics and regions. In addition to being a celebrity in daytime TV, she has co-authored two books, Kitchen Closeup and How Does She Do it, A Beauty Book. Ms. Hall’s pastimes include stand-up comedy, having appeared at the Comedy Store and the famed Hollywood Improv. She is an avid student of American Sign Language, and has a new-found interest in watercolor. Her compassion for our soldiers inspired her to create holiday watercolor cards, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. For more information, visit www.deidrehall.com.


The Inspiration of Deidre Cosmetics

“We all have flaws: imperfect skin, dark circles, thinning lips, etc. Having spent 35 years being shot from every angle by an unforgiving TV camera, I have learned a great deal about beauty survival. To my delight, these ‘secrets’ translate easily into a woman’s everyday life. I feel strongly that there are certain products that are essential to every beauty regimen. With the help of my friend, professional make-up artist Michael Marcus, I have created a convenient travel-size bag of essentials that is perfect for every woman who wants to improve her appearance and retain a youthful look.” Enjoy. Stay close.